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FAQ for ordinance codification


TPA charges $18.00 per finished ordinance page. One page is considered one side of a sheet of paper. A page printed on both sides is considered two pages.

Process and Turnaround Time
1. The turnaround time from delivery of a new or revised ordinance starts from the time TPA receives the ordinance.

2. TPA codifies your ordinances and it is reviewed by at least two of our staff. If we have any questions or concerns about wording or formatting in the original ordinance, we will contact you for clarification or revised wording. If clarification of wording occurs, it could slow down the process, but in our past experience, these issues can usually be resolved in minutes over the phone or with an email.

3. We then send a review/approval copy of the supplement to you within 5 business days. This review copy will be an electronic file of the complete supplement and will allow you to make any additions or changes you feel are appropriate.

4. After you review and approve the supplement, TPA will complete the process by printing the requested number of paper copies, updating the web site, and mailing the requested number of supplements to you within two business days.

NOTE: The variable in the turnaround time is the amount of time required for you to give your approval. Scenario: TPA provides an approval copy to you in 5 business days, you take 3 business days to approve the supplement, and we then complete the project within 2 business days; total time spent is 10 business days. In many cases, we can usually create the supplement within a few days, get approval, and have the project completed within a week.

Printing Costs
The cost for printing paper copies is $0.10 per single side. You can eliminate printing costs by using the PDF file supplied by TPA and printing your own copies. If you choose to make use of our web site hosting and updating services, people can download and print their own up-to-date ordinance copies from the web site files, thus reducing or eliminating the need for your office to supply printed copies.

Shipping and Handling Fees
TPA uses UPS to ship all printed materials. We charge the actual cost of the UPS shipping rate. Our handling fee is $10.00 to cover the cost of shipping materials and packaging time.