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ordinance codification


A separate but important aspect of our business involves community ordinance codification. For the past eleven years, we have provided codification services to municipalities. We work with the city clerk and your attorney to compile all the current ordinances, updates, and changes to produce electronic and paper copies of your ordinances. Our attention to detail allows us to provide complete, accurate volumes of community ordinances in an organized and timely manner.

We have also been able to assist municipalities in the conversion of their paper based municipal codes into an electronic file format. This conversion creates municipal code statutes which can be readily searched by (1) topic, (2) keyword or number, and/or (3) date. An electronic ordinance book allows the user to quickly print individual pages (eliminates photocopying), find the number of times a topic or word appears throughout the code book, and can reduce printing costs by using an electronic book instead of the traditional printed book. This conversion has allowed cities, towns, and villages to update and publish their laws on a timely basis and make that information readily available on their web sites within hours of there acceptance.

We also offer web hosting services. This takes the burden off of your municipality for producing copies of your code each time someone requests it, because it can be easily viewed online. In addition, we even offer a mailing list in conjunction with the web hosting. An individual interested in receiving updates can submit their email address and would then receive all new updates to your municipal code.

If you would like to discuss the codification of your records, and/or conversion of your records to an electronic format, at no obligation, please feel free to contact us.